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full moon radio hour

full flower moon

aired on on may 13, 2017

 // featuring excerpts from:

 totem animal meditation from origin psychics, "a psychic community that cares"

 "a video of ulysses an eagle owl hooting. ulysses is a trained falconry bird. the straps on his legs are called jesses. ulysses is well cared for by a licensed falconer." by cindy fry via youtube

 a story about humpback whales from maggie hurley,

 "justin bieber: my owl tattoo has a secret meaning that nobody needs to know" by mark dice, conspiracy theorist, youtube video from 2012

 "the distinctive calls of owls: a sampler" via

 "animal party" earthy tunes, mary miche, 1987

 an interview with reagan, age 9

 "cat wife" lights out, aired 1938

 "eagle vs shark", 2007

// music:

 00:00 : bugs (song) / guy lapow (artist) / i like noodles (album) / springboard records (label)

00:03 : orbit around the moon (song) / joe meek (artist) / i hear a new world: an outer space music fantasy (album) /

00:06 : previous nights of the world rebirth (song) / boys age (artist)

00:10 : this is your captain speaking (song) / high boys (artist) / world dumbination EP (album) / hoga nord (label)

00:17 : undone (song) / marielle v jackobsons (artist) / star core (album) / thrill jockey (label)

00:20 : mkwaju (song) / mkwaju ensemble (artist) / mkwaju (album) / better days (label)

00:24 : just a cloud (song) / lusine ft. vilja larjosto (artist) / sensorimotor (album) / ghostly international (label)

00:27 : circles (song) / mina ft. lorenzo bitw (artist) / sentah (album) / enchufada (label)

00:40 : aleppo (song) / karyyn (artist) / quanta 1 (album) / antevasin (label) //

cover art by shayna yasuhara