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audio gifts

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Audio Postcards

Thoughtful. Intimate. Timeless.

It's a gift they'll be able to enjoy again and again. I compose audio postcards for people who want to show someone just how much they're loved. Commemorate a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, retirement, or new baby with a beautifully crafted audio collage filled with messages from loved ones. Watch them laugh and cry, as they take in your thoughtful words, shared memories and well-wishes. 

for example, a wedding present:


"Britt just put together the most incredible surprise audio gift for me in anticipation of my upcoming nuptials. She sewed together advice on love and life from far-away friends, my parents, my future in-laws and brothers-to-be and watched me cackle and weep with joy. Iā€™m still reeling. It meant the world to me." - Amber



how does it work?

It's easy! Tell me about who and what you're celebrating, and I'll send you a template email so you can invite other participants to get in on the action, complete with message prompts, instructions and what to expect. Participants "in" on the gift will call in to a recorded voicemail line and leave a message (or several). When all of the messages are in, I'll clean up the audio (removing "ums" and awkward pauses), mix the recordings so they're all at the same level, and craft the collage. I'll send you the audio file and you can gift it however you see fit.  

how long does it take?

I'll complete the collage within a couple of days after the messages are in. I recommend giving participants 1-2 weeks to call in and leave messages, and sending a reminder email as the deadline approaches. 

what if someone messes up their message?

No problem, they can call back and re-record a message. I'll be able to tell if this happens, but participants are welcome to shoot me an email with a timestamp of the voicemail they'd like me to exclude.

do i (or anyone participating) need to be tech savvy?

Not at all. Having your message recorded is as simple as leaving a voicemail. 

how long is the final product?

It depends on how many people are participating. But they generally land between 20-25 minutes. 

how much does it cost?

$250. If you're inviting more than 20 participants, we'll negotiate. 

email me to get started: